Why is 5 aside the future of sport investments?


Football has always been one of the most famous games on the planet, having millions of fans in countries all around the world. Given the fact that it has such a huge reach, soon enough businessmen and marketers have speculated the idea and now the industry is one of the most resourceful there are. This means that for those who are seeking new investment opportunities in the domain of sport, football, with all its variations, is a great option. One of the most popular alternatives to traditional football is 5 aside, a smaller game (it only needs 5 players and a smaller pitch) that has gained a lot of fans lately. As an investor, this may be a key direction for your potential business. Here is why 5 aside is about to take over the world of sports, especially in the United Kingdom, in the upcoming years:  

It has begun to have professional front

Initially, when it first appeared (in the 1950s in the United Kingdom), 5 aside was played exclusively informally, for leisure activity. However, things have changed a lot ever since, and nowadays there are actual 5 aside tournaments in London and teams compete against each other to gain prizes. For this reason, in the past years many official organisations have been trying to standardise the game and bring a professional structure to it. There are Cups, Leagues and Championships – which means things are getting pretty serious. And since it is clearly a sport for all, it appears that more and more people will be joining these competitions.                           

People prefer it because it is convenient

For those who want to play traditional football for leisure, choosing the right field and the right people to play with is very complicated. It is hard to find a pitch that fulfils all your requirements, not to mention 10 other people as passionate and skilled as you are. For this reason, 5 aside seems to be the best alternative. Facilities are normally better than outdoor fields, so those who want to enjoy the sport just need to find four more people to join them – quite easy.


As you can see, if you were thinking about investing in a sport, this one seems to be a reliable choice. It rarely depends on external variables such as weather, and it is even said to be a better physical training than traditional football. If it will reach a dimension similar to the original sport, you will definitely not regret the decision you made.