What it takes to throw a successful Christmas office party

Should you treat your employees like family? Why, yes you should. Put them first, ahead of your clients. This does not make any sense to you? This is probably because you are only thinking of making profit. By now, you should have understood that the staff members are the most important assets of your company and they deserve to be treated with care and respect. Every now and then, it is a good idea to have some family time. Christmas is just around the corner, so you might want to throw an office party. So what if you are a newbie when it comes to parties? Keep on reading and discover the best tips for throwing a successful Christmas office party.

Pick a date

As mentioned earlier, Christmas is almost here. This means that you should not waste any more time and pick a date. You can hold the celebration at any time that you want. Obviously, you need to consult with your employees. Ask them when they might be free. Keep in mind that you need to select a time that works for everyone. Fridays and Saturdays are very popular, so you can start from there. Make it possible for the members of the team to plan their holidays. There is nothing more important than that.

Buy lots and lots of ribbon

No Christmas office party is complete without ribbon. The decorative material is bold in colours, not to mention that the texture is impressive. You cannot purchase just any rolls of ribbon. Hair bow ribbons, for instance, will not do. The products are good for adorning hair, but not breathing new life into the office. When you get your hands on the decorative material, get to work. Have one or two of your workers help you. Decorate the chairs in the workplace with red ribbon. Another thing that you can do is get a tree and adorn it with ribbons. Anyway, you will not regret having used ribbon.

Do not forget about the booze

It is a holiday celebration, meaning that you cannot expect guests to drink water or tea. You need to have alcoholic beverages. Cocktails are a good choice, but you can also include eggnog and mulled wine. The members of your team may or may not exaggerate with the drinking. It is your job to see that they do not cross the line and do anything stupid. So, do not have more than two drinks.