Top 5 Essentials You Need in an Office Kitchen

Innovative companies pay attention to every detail related to the interior design of their office space, including the office kitchen. Since everyone needs to take a break from work, it’s very important to transform this place in a warm and comfortable room. Nowadays, modern office kitchens are no longer cramped lunchrooms with wooden tables and benches, but they are rather a gathering place which is designed to facilitate the needs of the employees. As a result, the excursions to the office kitchen can be more relaxing for the entire staff. Therefore, if you want to change your office kitchen design, here are the top 5 essentials you need in order to enhance this place.

Water Filter

We all know that the tap water is full of contaminants and usually people avoid drinking tap water because it can cause them health problems. Therefore, a very good idea is to install a water filter that will purify the water and will remove all sorts of sediments and particles. Also, the water filter removes the chlorine from drinking water and has various health benefits, preventing diseases and developing a more resistant immune system. As you can see, this is a very good alternative to bottled water, which is much expensive.


The microwave is always a great choice when coming to improve the kitchen conditions for the employees. Using a microwave will not only help your employees reheat their lunch much faster, but it will also encourage people to eat healthy food prepared at home. Also, the microwave doesn’t require any supervision and it’s totally safe. Moreover, it will retain the nutrients and vitamins in the food, and it will preserve the same delicious taste.

Coffee Maker

Most people need coffee in order to start their day or to boost their energy level. Therefore, a coffee maker is one of the best acquisitions in any office kitchen. Caffeine, which is found in the coffee, is an ingredient that stimulates the central nervous system, combating the fatigue that affects the employees, especially after lunch. Therefore, coffee has a vital role when it comes to aid the productivity, stimulating both mental and physical abilities. Also, drinking coffee is a great opportunity for conversations and relaxation.

Tea Kettle

Although there are many people who drink coffee, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any exceptions, so some of your employees may  rather prefer a cup of tea. It’s not an unusual thing to provide various teabags supplies for the employees and there are many companies that try to offer the best to all their employees. Nevertheless, in order to prepare a cup of tea, you need hot water, so a tea kettle will come in handy for everyone who wants to prepare a nice cup of tea. Moreover, besides the fact that a tea kettle is easy to use it will instantly boil the water necessary for the tea.

Compact Refrigerator

A compact refrigerator is another appliance that will be used by all the employees who pack their own lunch. The best thing about compact refrigerators is that they utilize minimal space and keep the food fresh and tasty from morning until lunch time. Moreover, it will keep drinks cool, so whenever your employees want to take a break, they will be pleased to know that they can revitalize with a fresh juice. Nevertheless, you should consider the number of the employees before buying a compact refrigerator, so that it can provide enough space for everyone.