The Features of High-Quality Rubber Stamps

A rubber stamp can give authentication to any document being sent out of your company to an external recipient.  A document bearing no stamp is rarely accorded any credence, which is why it is essential for all official documents to bear a stamp.  Stamps bear various features, and these features can differ from those on other stamps; the determining factor is the purpose of that particular stamp. 

A rubber stamp is composed of a rubber plate on which words, logo or identity of the company are engraved. The rubber plate is mounted on a solid block for stability and easy handling. If your company is located in Singapore and you need to get a top-quality stamp, you can get in touch with outlets offering company seal Singapore. Many of the service providers have been in the profession for long and can be trusted for top quality rubber stamp making. Some of the common features of a high-quality rubber stamp are discussed below. You must keep these features in mind when buying a rubber stamp.

Number of impressions

One of the best features to consider in a rubber stamp is the number of impressions it can generate.  The number of impression talks about the number of documents you can stamp before you carry out a re-inking. Some rubber stamps can deliver about 5,000 impressions, while some other ones can deliver up to 50,000 impressions. The more the number of impressions, the longer the ink will last. If you are buying a stamp for a large corporation and you have to deal with a lot of documents each day, you will do well to buy a rubber stamp that can deliver thousands of impressions.

Ease of re-inking

Another feature to consider when buying a rubber stamp is the ease of re-inking. A good rubber stamp must be very easy to re-ink. You should not need the help of any professional or go through any tedious process to re-ink it. You can read up reviews about it before you buy to have an idea of how easy it is to re-ink the stamp.  Proper re-inking can prevent bleed-through; though some other factors can be responsible for bleed-through. However, easy re-inking can reduce the risk.

Rapid, repetitive capability

The best stamp to use is one that is capable of rapid and repetitive stamping. Not all stamps can be trusted for this, but you will find the custom self-inking stamp.  If you have a lot of stamping to do at work each day, this type of stamp will be perfect for you. Suitable examples of rubber stamps reliable for repetitive, rapid stamping are custom self-inking stamp and pre-inked stamp. You can stamp tens of documents within a minute with either of these types of stamps.

Is your company located in Singapore and you need to get a new stamp or redesign your current stamp? Not to worry; go for any of those outlets making a company seal Singapore. They can prepare top quality stamps that can give your business a new look and an impression of authenticity.