Sure-fire methods to determine customers to pay on time

Every manager has dealt with bad paying customers at least once. While some cases ended good for both the company and the customer, others were not so fortunate, in the sense that those companies have never managed to recover the money from those customers. In order to avoid such situations from occurring again, it is essential to consider hiring an outsourced credit control London company, as well as reading these useful tips mentioned below in the article.

Send them reminders and updated invoices

Sometimes, you can spot bad payers from before you even close any deals with them or sell them your products or services. However, there comes a time when you have to deal with them. While some customers do not pay their debts on purpose, it may happen for others to simply forget when the deadline is. In the latter cases, it is recommended you simply send your customers some friendly reminders to make them aware of this aspect. You can also opt for sending them updated invoices to eliminate the possibility for them to try to postpone their payments.

Ultimatums should work too

You may have to deal with bad paying customers that simply refuse answering emails or calls when you try to contact them, which is when you have to consider sending them an ultimatum. Make them aware of the fact that if they do not take this seriously and pay their debts up until a specific date, you will find yourself in the situation of taking severe actions. In such cases, most customers get scared and they actually pay their debts.

Get professional help from credit control companies

Last but not least, the best sure-fire method that will definitely work is to hire a trust-worthy and professional outsourced credit control company. Besides the fact that they have highly trained and experienced agents, they will come up with the best solution that will perfectly fit your company’s needs and interests. Keep in mind that one great difference between mediocre and great credit control companies is related to price, in the sense that the latter ones work on the following principle: they agree to get paid only if they do their job right and manage to recover money from bad paying customers.

With these methods presented above, you can be sure you will have your money recovered from customers who do not pay their debts on time.