Opening a Small Meat Processing Business


Starting a small meat processing business is far from being an easy journey. Meat processing, storage and distribution are highly regulated processes by governments. Being a highly competitive sector, you will find both small- and large-scale companies in the field. Meat processing plants have to follow strict hygiene and environmental inspections, regulations and certifications. Because of the strict regulations in the field, processors have to ensure that all quality standards are followed and that that the shelf life of the processed goods is thus, increased.

To successfully launch a meat processing business, you have to pay extra attention to all aspects of your business. Below is a list of aspects and processes you should dedicate more of your time and attention to.

Choose your meat products

Processed meat products are various in types and processing technique. For instance, you will find processed meat products can be raw, cooked and then properly filled din casting. Other meat products can be raw, cooked or cured. The processing method will determine how your meat products will taste and what type of meat product you will supply to your customers. The type of meat products that you will have in your offer depends entirely on the type of technology and pieces of equipment in which you invest. They also depend on the Programvaresystem available for your equipment. Before starting your business, establish a list of products that you want to be part of your company portfolio: dried meats, raw fermented meats and precooked meats, or others. Depending on those, you may need to invest in appropriate equipment and technologies, like skinnemaskin.

Packaging your meat products

Packaging your processed meat products has the purpose of avoiding contamination. Proper packaging will allow your products to stay fresh for longer and prevent micro-organisms and toxins from entering your products. Preventing oxygen to enter the products and humidity to evaporate from within will boost shelf life significantly. There are several packaging materials you should consider in the process: skin packaging, vacuum, single layer films, multi-layer films and so on. Also, besides good packaging meth0dos and equipment, make sure that your skjærelinjer also meet the latest regulations in the industry.

Marketing your line of processed meat products

To put your products up for sale, they have to pass the national drug and food certification. To ensure that all your clients know your products follow all the rules and regulations in the industry, you should collaborate closely with an advertising and marketing agency. They will tailor a perfect marketing strategy that will ensure a more generous client base and higher engagement levels on your client’s part. Having a good marketing strategy will help you sell your products and make a profit. Ensure that your advertiser uses both offline and online marketing methods, for higher success chances.

Follow the tips above to establish a successful meat processing company. Businesses in the industry have high profits and long activity if they successfully manage to keep up with all the rules and regulations in the sector, get all their certifications in time and always meet their client’s expectations.