Industrial Adhesive Health, Safety and Fire Guidelines

It goes without saying that when it comes to commercial and industrial adhesive products, some will always be inherently safer than others. Just as certain adhesives are almost entirely harmless and pose no risk to the workforce whatsoever, others have the potential to be downright dangerous.  But in all instances, what remains the same is the way in which any kind of risk posed to health and safety is one that can and should be carefully monitored and controlled by those within the business.

According to Britain’s leading adhesive tape converters, more businesses than ever before are moving away from traditional joining methods and embracing efficient, new-generation solutions.  At the same time, high quality custom adhesive products have the potential to make a real difference in terms of positive health and safety in the workplace. But at the same time, the importance of knowing exactly how to work with these kinds of products has never been greater.  Indeed, it is when products like these are taken for granted that they have the potential to go from being entirely safe to somewhat hazardous in an instant.

So for those working with industrial adhesives of any kind, here one ‘s a brief overview of just a few important and very basic fire safety tips from the experts:

1 – Buy Quality Products

First of all, the importance of investing in the very best quality products in the first place and working with a responsible manufacturer cannot be overstated.  The reason being that when a custom adhesive product of any kind is manufactured by the best in the business, it is largely guaranteed that they will have factored health and safety into the consideration at least to a certain extent.  By contrast, those who throw together the cheapest possible adhesives just for the sake of minimising costs have a tendency to ignore health and safety altogether.  While it is still a matter of importance that should not be taken for granted, it is usually safe to say that the very safest adhesive products in the business come from the most responsible and reputable manufacturers.

2 – Use Only as Instructed

One of the most important health and safety rules across the board which also applies to custom adhesive products is that of abiding by all the supplied guidelines to the letter. The simple fact of the matter is that the health and safety warnings manufacturers provide along with their products do not simply existed just for the sake of it.  Quite to the contrary in fact, they are there to ensure that the products are used in a manner that is as safe and sensible as possible.  More often than not, the overwhelming majority of accidents, or injuries and incidents involving custom adhesive products occur due to health and safety or usage instructions having been ignored.

3 – Store Safely

Also of critical importance when it comes to the instructions supplied with any adhesive product is what is stated in terms of storage.  This will include details as to the ambient conditions and location in general as to where and how the product should be stored.  In some instances, storing a custom adhesive in non-suitable conditions will simply lead to its deterioration.  In others, it could lead to the product becoming a health and safety risk in its own right.  This is particularly so in the case of highly flammable adhesives, which for obvious reasons should be stored and handled with meticulous care and attention.

4 – Environmental Conditions 

Along with the surrounding conditions in the chosen storage area, it is just as (if not even more) important to pay attention to those where the product is used.  For example, it is never advisable to use an adhesive product with potent toxic fumes in an area of that does not have plenty of ventilation.  Likewise, adhesives that are extremely flammable must not be used anywhere there may be a naked flame or extreme source of heat.

5 – Know All Relevant Fire Safety Rules

One of the most important fire safety rules of all is to be fully aware of all key policies and procedures in the workplace itself, with regard to how to react in case of incident.  Fire safety responsibilities must be shared among the workforce in general, with specific duties being delegated to supervisors, team leaders and managers accordingly.  Even if the likelihood of a flammable adhesive product actually causing a fire is minimal, it is important to be ready and prepared for anything.

6 – Never Mix or Transfer Storage

Last up, one of the most dangerous things anyone can do with a custom adhesive product is to mix it with another adhesive of any kind.  The reason being that it is impossible to know how the chemicals within the two products will react when combined – suffice to say the results could be deadly.  This also includes transferring adhesive products to alternative containers, which may contain trace amounts of whatever was in there previously.  Quite simply, it is a risk that is not worth taking.