How to Design the Perfect Office Break Room

As an employer, if you really want to have more productive employees, then you definitely need to create a break room. These days, these clever solutions seem to give wonderful results in the companies all over the world. If this idea seems very interesting to you, then here is how to design the perfect office break room.

The whole place needs to be cheerful

Colors certainly play a very important role. Therefore, the place must be a cheerful one that can make you smile, relax and feel absolutely great in your lunch break. As you can see in this image, blue looks absolutely splendid. It is vivid, and it gives a fresh look to the entire room. Other colors could also create the same effect. Go for orange, purple, or why not, red.

Create different areas

Just like in this picture, it is highly recommended to create different areas. Create a lunch area where employees can sit and have their lunch or breakfast, a lounge area where they can just relax and read a book or listen to some music, and a bar area where they can just enjoy a coffee and a chat. A break room like this will certainly have everything and it will meet all your employee’s needs. Take into account that for a design like this, space needs to be quite big.

Games will definitely make employees more productive

As a manager, if you really want your employees to be more productive, then you need to create a game area for them, just like the one presented in this picture. A physical activity, even for only 10 or 15 minutes will oxygenate the brain and make people feel better and more energetic. Therefore, they will be able to concentrate a lot better on their work, and this will certainly have a positive impact on the company.

A massage chair will be very useful

Those who work in an office know exactly that after a few hours of sitting on a chair, you can deal with back or neck pains, and this can affect your work. You will not be able to concentrate anymore, and so on. Therefore, if the company you work for has a massage chair in the break room, then things would definitely be different. You could relax and reduce or even eliminate your pains so that you can continue working. As a business owner, you need to make sure you know how to design the perfect office break room, in order to have more relaxed employees, who will be able to do a better job.