Commercial HVAC system installation – choosing a contractor


If you are planning to install a commercial air condition system for your business premises, then, besides deciding on a suitable HVAC system, you have other important aspects to think about as well. The installation process is extremely relevant for how well the system will function over time. To make the installation process as easy and fast as you desire, it is imperative to work with a good company, such as F and M Group. If you have difficulties in choosing a contractor to handle this important task, then some tips might help you out. Here are a few guidelines on how to decide on the right HVAC installation contractor:

Check credentials

Of course, you should start with the basic surety bond and license, but besides that, you also need to make sure the company has the credentials necessary to provide these services. That means researching if the contractor holds the permits required to work in this industry. The pros you resort to need to know how to handle the proper installation of a HVAC system and that requires being qualified and having the permits necessary.


In order to ensure yourself that you are dealing with a reputable company, ask for referrals. Because this is a commercial installation and not a residential one, asking the company for a few references from past clients is the wise thing to do. See if the contractor’s reputation is a good one, and if the majority of their past collaborations have been successful ones, without any complaints.

Get an quota

Although money should not be a selection criteria, when it comes to hiring a HVAC contractor, you should know right from the start how much money you will need to spend on these services. So, before signing a contract, request a quota. Also, remember that a reputable company is able to give you a price only after an initial examination. So receiving a final quota via phone or email should be a warning sign.

Can they provide you with maintenance services?

In the business environment, HVAC maintenance services are an absolute must. It is better and far cheaper to spot a problem in time, then deal with more complex issues and malfunctions later. This is why a maintenance inspection is required with regularity. When you are hiring an installation team, you should find out if they can cover this aspect as well. It is more convenient to know that the team of pros who will be handling the installation process can offer you maintenance services as well. So ask this question before choosing a company.

With a HVAC system being so important for a business environment, choosing a good contractor should be one of your main concerns. The installation process is just as important as the purchase itself, and this is why you need to pay attention when you are hiring someone to take care of this job. Although the number of companies offering these services is not a small one, not all of them are as reliable as you want, so keep these tips in mind when you are making a decision.